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A Lively
Learning Experience

The five main components of the Terra Spanish learning experience:

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, the guiding principle behind Terra Spanish Preschool's program is to nurture the infinite capabilities of young children.  Teachers follow the children's interests and do not provide focused instruction in particular subject areas; however, skills in literacy, mathematics, science and music are fostered as children record and manipulate their ideas and communicate with others. The curriculum has purposeful progression but not scope and sequence.


This approach offers children a relaxed, positive atmosphere in which to explore math through music, acquire language through art, develop their abilities to relate to one another through play, and solve problems together in the playground.


  I. Importance of the classroom environment:

 Aesthetic features such as a conscious use of color, natural light, and space to foster creative learning.

II. Value of parental involvement:

 Parents are strongly encouraged to work with teachers to tailor lesson plans to each child's specific needs.

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III. Teachers as learners:


Teachers are dedicated to understanding the child's needs by using his/her interests to build and guide the curriculum.

IV. Long-term projects as vehicles for learning:

 A child's creative thinking is channeled through involvement in long-term projects (such as growing plants from seedlings), giving them a better understanding of the learning process.


  V. Multiple forms of self-expression:

 Children are encouraged to express their understanding of the world through symbolic languages such as drawing, sculpture, dramatic play and writing.

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